Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Sering dilanda gosip liar kadangkala membuat Sharnaaz Ahmad pening kepala hingga dia pernah menyatakan hasratnya untuk bersara. Namun hingga kini, dia masih terus berlakon dan kemungkinan menarik balik kata-kata tersebut demi peminatnya.

Khas untuk anda yang meminati pelakon ini, jom kita tengok gambar-gambar nostalgianya ketika masih berhingus.

Klik gambar untuk size besar

Gambar atas: "This young boy trust in family and trust in his own capability for changing whats right or wrong by just being Classic and Believe in making history in own time.. I love my family and i will die protecting my family.. Lu kacau family gua, gua potong lu kasi anjing makan." - Sharnaaz

Gambar atas: "This boy has a dream.. And now hes living his dream.. With pride and dignity and been bless with two mother and two father.. If u dont know how to appriciate me, at least appriciate ur self for someone that been bleeding for you since, befor its too late.. Slamat malam sayang buat tulang rusuk ku .. Abg sayang awak.. Salam." - Sharnaaz

Gambar atas: "Collage time.. 19yrs old never feel this young and free.. And yup try catch me if u can at this age.. World is in your hand.. Crush it or tame it ... Your choice.. I choose rock it and bless it with Brotherhood !!!" - Sharnaaz



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